Introducing “eBik™” Designed For Fast Transit & Economical Mobility

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Frequently Asked Questions:


Does it require a driving licence or registration?

No, these vehicles don’t require any license or registration as they don’t come under motor vehicle category as per Central Motor Vehicles Regulations.

Can you ride it on pedals also?

Yes, it can run on three modes: Pedal, Electric and Pedelec-a combination of pedal and electric.

How much distance it will cover in single charge?

50kms in pedelec mode and 35kms in pure electric under ideal riding conditions.

What kind of Batteries are used and how is the battery life?

SMF Batteries with excellent deep discharge cycle life are installed. These can run up to 700 cycles on 50% DoD with design life of 5 years.

What is the maximum speed?

Roadster Black Cycles can run at speed of 22 Km/hr and eBik Sports model can run at 24Km/hr.

How much does it cost to charge it once fully?

It takes 1/4th of an electricity unit to charge it fully.
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