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Accelero vehicles a innovation driven company and intend to have our footprints across the country. We build high quality products by investing in R&D, innovation and automation. Pursue excellence in internal processes and optimize use of its assets

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, these vehicles don’t require any license or registration as they don’t cover under motor vehicle category as per Central Motor Vehicles Regulations.
Yes, it can run on three modes: Pedal, Throttle and Pedalec combination of pedal and electric.
60Kms in combination of pedal and electric and 50kms in pure electric under ideal riding conditions.
eBik Unnati can run at top speed of 22 Km/hr.
AGM Batteries with excellent deep discharge cycle life are installed. These can run up to 700 cycles on 50% DoD with design life of 5 years.
You have to simply plug-in the charger into a wall socket and plug-in the other end to the electric bicycle charging point. Simply like putting your laptop/mobile phone to charge
It takes 1/4th of an electricity unit to charge in full. Example (If you are a delhiite and unit rate of electricity is Re.4 it will cost you just Re 1 to run 50kms on pure electric)