We take great pride in the quality and durability of our EBIK. Every EBIK we sell is covered by a limited warranty against manufacturing defects subject to the terms below:

Warranty Period

• The engine has six months limited warranty against manufacturing failures only from the date of invoice;
• However, the liability of Company under this warranty is limited to making good defects arising only from poor workmanship or use of faulty material. Consequential liabilities will not be entertained.

Scope of Warranty

• This warranty applies only to original owners and is not transferable. Proof of purchase is mandatory;
• This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, malfunctions, or failures due to abuse, neglect, improper / unauthorized repair, improper maintenance, alteration, modification, accidents, or other improper use;
• This limited warranty does not apply to bicycle parts. It only covers Motor, Controller, Battery and Charger. However, Motor and Controller burnout is not covered under the warranty;
• The limited warranty does not cover any metal parts and electrical parts except Motor, Controller, Battery and Charger;
• In case any part covered under limited warranty is found broken, the Warranty will get void;
• Unless otherwise provided, the sole remedy under the above warranty, or any implied warranty, is limited to the replacement of defective components and parts with those of equal or greater value at the sole discretion of Company and Company will not be responsible for labour costs or repairs. IN NO EVENT SHALL COMPANY BE RESPONSIBLE FOR DIRECT, INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, DAMAGES FOR PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, OR ECONOMIC LOSSES, WHETHER BASED ON WARRANTY, NEGLIGENCE, PRODUCT LIABILITY, OR ANY OTHER THEORY;
• Warranty will void in case any of the warranty sticker pasted on engine parts is found removed / partially removed in any manner;
• Repair of parts under warranty will be provided at no additional charges, however customer shall be responsible to bring bicycle to company workshop;
• This electric bicycle is not meant for commercial use. It is only meant for one person. Alignments are not covered in the warranty;
• Under no special circumstances shall Accelero Vehicles India Pvt Ltd be liable for any special incidental, indirect or punitive damages for any consequential damages, even if Accelero Vehicles India Pvt Ltd knows or is informed that such damages are possible.

Warranty Claim Process

The original owner will need to bring the electric bicycle, along with the original bill, to an Authorized Company Workshop. Company shall not be liable to send any of its staff to Owner premises. In case of any support, owner can contact the Company Technical and Customer Service Department by calling our helpline number 721-0000-727. Those parts and/or products which are determined by Company in its sole discretion to be defective will be provided only after a valid warranty claim is processed by Technical and Customer Service. Warranty claims must be made within the warranty period stated above.

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