Our Product Features

Throttle Assist: 3 Level

*Mileage: Level 1: Up to 50 Kms

Level 2: Up to 45 Kms

Level 3: Up to 35 Kms

Brakes: V-Brake (Front / Rear)

Battery Indicator: Yes

Front Light: Yes

Reflectors: Front- White, Rear- Red

# Max Speed: 22 Km/hr

Max Load Capacity (incl. Vehicle weight): 200 Kg

Motor Type: BLDC 24V / 240W

Controller: 24V / 250W

Charger: CE Approved 28.8V 1.75A

# Charge Time: 7-8 Hours

Battery Type: 24V 12AH SMF/ Removable

Battery Life: Up to 12,000-15000 Kms

At constant speed under ideal riding conditions with equal pedalling effort involved.
#  Under Ideal Conditions

Price: ₹16,499/-