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Particulars/Mode Eco Mode (with Pedal Assist) Power Mode (with Pedal Assist) Eco Mode(Throttle) Power Mode (Throttle)
Speed 20.0 KMPH 23.5 KMPH 18.0 KMPH 22.0 KMPH
Mileage 70-75 KMS 50-55 KMS 40-45 KMS 30-35 KMS
* Above Speed & Mileage has been mentioned as per ideal Riding conditions. It can vary as per actual conditions. * Battery Performance vary as per weather conditions thus affecting mileage by ± 10-15%

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Cost Savings


one eBik at a time!

Your Adventure Companion

Revolutionising how you travel

Ride towards a



Commute & Green Revolution

Together in one bicycle


Forget you’re peddling it

Switch to electric- a new way to commute distances without a carbon footprint all rolled up in one wholesome bicycle that’s stylish, sleek and blessed with extra power!


And even better output!

Choose a greener way of living without compromising on comfort, style and savings with eBik’s brand new range of electric bicycles!

Technologically unrivaled

5 star rating

Advanced inbuilt Li-ion Battery system

24x7 support


Zero Carbon Emissions

Easy installation

Unlimited savings

Heavy Duty Cycles

FlowTech Shock Absorbtion

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eBik Smart+

Conversion Kit

Warranty: 1 Year

Give Petrol a Break

Go Electric!

James Hoffman

Chief designer and Co-founder

Our Bicycles are made for high performance and capacity.

Unparalleled to any other homegrown brand, and proudly made in India! Tested and made with international standards, keeping in mind India’s vibrant ecosystem!






Charlie Kelly

Bird Lawyer

Credibly plagiarize future-proof functionalities with magnetic outsourcing. Authoritatively mesh ethical information whereas user-centric ideas. Efficiently reintermediate 24/365 methodologies.


Frank Reynolds

Financial Expert

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Devyani Bantthia

Digital Marketing Advisor

A graduate from Rennes School of Business (France) with a Master’s degree in Digital Marketing & International Corporate Communication, Devyani has been actively working in an advisory role for the digital marketing of eBik.


Design Engineer

Design Engineer with a unwavering history of Product Design and Development for Esteemed Global Clients. Hold 6+ years of experience in Design & development.

Hold degree in Mechanical Engineering from IDEAL institute of technology & also holds diploma in Design from NSIC.

M Alam

Manager- Customer Service

Alam heads the customer support function. Hold 5+ years of experience and has worked in different sectors viz. construction / automobile. Possess extensive knowledge about production & customer support activities.
Hold diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Teerthanker University, Moradabad.

Md Asim

Manager- Production

Asim heads the production function. Hold 5+ years of experience and has worked across factories possessing in depth knowledge of production function & related activities. 

Hold diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Teerthanker University, Moradabad.

He has done Graduation from Delhi University with specialization in Sales & Marketing.

Virender Kr Chauhan

President- Sales

Virender the sales & marketing function at Accelero. He brings over two decade’s experience with an in depth understanding of all aspects of Business Development coordination and implementation.

He has done Graduation from Delhi University with specialization in Sales & Marketing.

Devika Jajodia

Marketing Design Advisor

A Design Graduate from Lasalle School of Arts (Singapore), Devika has a Bachelor’s degree in Design Communication and has been actively working in an advisory role for the marketing design front of eBik.

Anant Jain

Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about environmental causes, Anant Jain has extensively worked on renewables, namely solar, hydro-electric & wind power, throughout this pan-India corporate journey of 11+ years and making the most of his MBA education. With a zeal to make a difference on grassroot levels, he took the plunge, quit his corporate job and founded eBik with the vision of making commuting a cheaper and greener affair, whilst reducing costs by over 1/10th. 

When he came up with the idea of eBik, he wanted to create a product of international standards, at Indian prices keeping in mind the affordability factor for the masses, reaching out to rural population with this revolutionary bicycle that makes lives easier!

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