Why Should You Get an Electric Cycle or an E-Bike?

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Why Should You Get an Electric Cycle or an E-Bike?

Are you biker? Do you love to ride a bike? Do you live in a big or a metropolitan city where riding a bike makes your commuting comfortable and convenient? If your answer is yes to all these questions, time has come for you to review the innovations made in bike technology. And the latest innovation in bike technology is launching the Electric bike.

Electric Cycle  or E Bike is not only a power bike but also a big leap towards maintaining or restoring the green eco system of the planet. Manual cycling is now out of date for professional use as it consumes time and is relatively slow means of commuting. Motor bikes are fast but consumes biofuel to run and emits poisonous gases that kills the nature. It is a very heavy price to pay for speed. We are already experiencing global warming as a result of fuel exhaust pollution. Rapid decrease in gases such as oxygen and increase in gases like carbon mono oxide or di oxide in the world atmosphere is slowly but surely turning our globe into a death bubble. An E Bike is one of a valid remedies to all these life-threatening issues. 

Why should you consider getting an Electric Cycle?

1.It reduces your physical strain to a great extent: Delhi is the capital of India, and the traffic is terrible during the office hours. Bikes are one of the commuting conveniences but are slow and tiresome. An E Cycle or Bike has a support system with a battery powered motor. It helps you to save your energy as you do not have to pedal hard to travel fast or climb terrains. And you save money on fuel. 

2. It is a time saver: Younger people or kids give lots of importance to speed. Electric cycle is a device that helps you cover long distances in cities such as Delhi with minimum physical efforts. The authorities are supporting and encouraging kids to buy an electric cycle because of pollution issues. Electric cycles are products of long research and have fulfilled every expectations as far as efficiency and safety issues are concerned. 

3.Electric Cycles are great for physical fitness:  Electric cycles provide as much calorie burning as a regular cycle does. Electric cycles are also pedal assisted and is a good medium for exercise. Customised electric cycles are also available for those who are health conscious. 

4.Electric cycles are great money savers: Cost of petrol in cities such as Delhi has already crossed Rs 100/- a litre and is on the increase every day. No one knows where it will end. The people who used to commute on petrol driven bikes are finding it difficult to make two ends meet. Their budget is now out of control. Electric cycle is much economical in this matter and can help you to lower your transportation cost considerably, without disturbing your work schedule. Batteries in e cycles are affordable and rechargeable. You can save a lot of money riding a e cycle. 

5.Transportation heavy or light will switch to electricity in future: Transportation heavy or light will gradually switch to electricity as its source of power. Biofuels are dangerous to nature and are fast ending because of irrational uses. The smoke emitted from the exhaust pipes of all these vehicles is destroying planet Earth. Global warming is already at a dangerous level. The only answer to all these problems is switching to electricity as power source where no smoke is emitted from the exhaust pipes. 

6. Electric Cycle helps in protecting nature:  Global warming has already shown the world the consequences of climate change. We must save this dying Earth. The only way to save the world is to stop any increase in the atmospheric pollution level. Travelling on a petrol bike a kilometre pushes our Earth much nearer to destruction. We must stop this by not using petrol vehicles anymore. We have to use electricity as an alternative to biofuels. This will help improving the atmosphere by cutting down emission of poisonous gases from vehicles. 

7.Electric cycles are beautiful to look at:  Since all the leading international brands manufacturing regular cycles are now busy on making electric cycles, most beautiful and efficient models of electric cycles are coming up. These companies are spending lots of money in research and development and as a result are producing beautiful designs of e cycles. Different designs are produced to accommodate your needs. And the designs will keep on improving as more and more money and other resources will go into the research and development of e cycles. E cycles are fashionable and an In thing today. 

8. E Cycles are encouraged by governments in many countries:  Contrary to petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles, which has to undergo many of the strict government regulation and rules, e cycles are exempted from these rules. You do not need to have a driving license to ride an e cycle even in a city like Delhi. The availability is easy as many of the leading regular cycle manufacturing companies are now manufacturing e cycles. You can get yours just from their shops in the market. E cycles are available in e commercial markes such as Amazon also. 

You need not worry about the performance of an e cycle. A 1000-watt e cycle will carry you up to a speed of 35 kph. You can travel up to 22 to 6o miles on a single charge of 1000 watt battery. 

You should not opt for a bigger motor when choosing for your e cycle. Bigger is not always better. Focus on two important factors while choosing a motor for your e cycle. Your own body weight and the conditions of road your e cycle will ride on. 250 watts motor is sufficient for normal conditions. Using a bigger motor means using a bigger battery to travel an equal distance. Bigger batteries costs more money and gets exhausted faster. 

So, decide right while getting a e cycle for you considering all the related factors. 

Happy riding and save the world. 

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