Do You Want to Change Your Bicycle into an E-Cycle or E-Bike?

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Do You Want to Change Your Bicycle into an E-Cycle or E-Bike?

Do you ride a regular bicycle and wish to have an e-cycle or e-bike to ride? You can easily convert your regular bicycle into an e-cycle with available e-bike conversion kits.

E-bikes are generally regular bicycles. The only difference is that an e-bike is a regular bicycle that is fitted with an electric motor. This electric motor helps the rider to pedal easily. The electric motor can take over completely if needed and the rider need not pedal anymore. It makes riding easy for the rider. The motor helps the rider save energy and move around faster. An e-bike also does not need any fuel. The electric motor helps the rider to go to his workplace without sweating and go to a shop for shopping remaining absolutely fresh.

There are many e-bike conversion kits available in the market at present. These kits are getting better and easier to install with time. You can get an e-bike conversion kit of your choice easily and can change your regular bicycle into an e-bike within no time. 

What is an e-bike conversion kit?

An e-bike conversion kit generally has the following components:

  • An electric motor to drive your regular bike. 
  • A battery to provide power to your electric motor. 
  • An apparatus to control the power output level. It usually gives a bar-mounted display.
  • Sensors to let you know how fast you are traveling. 
  • Sensors to indicate the level of your pedaling input. 
  • Sensors to indicate the level of power supply you need at that moment.

You have to cut off your e-cycling kit when you are not pedaling or you are traveling at limited slow speeds. 

How to install an e-bike motor onto your regular bicycle?

It is a simple process for you if you choose the best electric bike conversion kit. Not that it is an expensive process. You can have kits that can either power your front wheel or your rear wheel.

The battery that empowers your motor is usually of Lithium type. The kits provide you with an LCD display, showing you your then battery life. These displays are attached mostly to the handlebar grip of your bike. You can easily have access to all your switches and other options. 

Now you have to install your electric motor on your regular bike. But it does not mean that you do not have to pedal at all to move around. You need to pedal when it will be required. Only your pedaling will be less than your tegular pedaling and you will save your energy more. Your movements on your bike will now be faster. 

The battery is the most important part of your e-bike kit. You may have to purchase the battery separately. 

The front hub motor is more popular than the rear hub motor. It is also less expensive. You can easily install it as no experience is needed to install a front hub motor. You have to replace the front wheel of your regular bike with the wheel that comes with the kit. Then you have to connect the wires from the hub to your controller and your e-bike is ready to roll. 

Now you have to install the electric motor. The motor for the front or rear hub is the same. But many of you prefer installing a rear wheel hub. They say that the distance between the hub and the rear rack is less and so less wire is needed. It also is more stable and gives a good balance. 

The battery is very important for your e-bike. Your e-bike will need 12V of power. You can have batteries of 24V to 72V in the market. Higher voltage batteries can make you move at a faster speed. All this is very lucrative, but you should not get a battery higher than 24V. If you are traveling on a mountain terrain where you have to pedal uphill, you may opt for a 36V or 48V battery. Sny battery higher than 48V is expensive and most of the time the extra power is never used. =

How much weight your bike carries is also very important. It includes your own body weight and the extra load you carry as your backpack. The more the weight it carries, the more pressure is demanded from your e-bike. A heavy load carrying e bike’s battery may give out sooner than expected and you may be stranded on the road with no battery energy. 

What kit should you get?

It depends on what you like while riding your e-bike or for what purpose you are riding your e-bike. You may be riding for a short ride every day, or you may like to move fast. A kit of 350W and 10Ah should be sufficient for you if you are this type of rider. 

A stronger motor may be needed if you move uphill or on bad terrains. You may need motors of 500 to 700 Wh and 40Ah if you fall in this category. It all depends on your budget you can shell out. You can have a bike conversion kit with an LCD display system if you are willing to spend more. You can have a GPS fitted in your control panel with some extra money. 

Necessities for conversion:

  • You should be perfectly clear about your objective of using your e-bike. 
  • The bike you are converting must be strong enough to bear the weight of the motor kit. 
  • You have to replace your wheel if you are opting for a front-drive motor. 
  • You may use a mid-drive motor that is attached to the bracket of your cycle.
  • You may use a rear drive motor that does not need many changes. 
  • You have to now install the switches. 
  • You are now ready to roll. 

Converting your regular bicycle into an e-bike will help you save energy and sweat less. Installations are easy. You can do it yourself. 

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