Companies in India Manufacturing Best Electric Scooters and Bikes

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Companies in India Manufacturing Best Electric Scooters and Bikes

Biofuel powered vehicles are losing their values due to so many reasons. The underground stock of biofuel is diminishing at a rapid rate. As a result, the price of petrol, diesel etc are soaring sky high and is getting out of reach of common man. Search for vehicles driven by alternative power source started since some time and Electric Scooters and Electric bikes are now popular in India. 

Electric scooters and Electric Bikes are powered by electricity from batteries. India is manufacturing all types of e two wheelers. Which includes e-scooter, e-motorcycle, e-moped, e-bike, or an e- bicycle. These do not require fossil fuels to power the engines. It is powered by electricity which is supplied by batteries installed in the vehicle. These batteries are rechargeable, and it can store the electric energy in it. This electric energy makes the vehicle move. These Electric two wheelers use only electricity to run. 

How does an Electric Scooter or bike work? 

The vehicles is run by an electric motor. The batteries installed are DC batteries in the vehicle provides power to the electric motor. This motor is fitted in the wheel hub. This unit is known as Hub Motor. It is a part of the rear wheel of the vehicle. The rear wheel has a drum or a disc to hold the components of the braking system of the vehicle. A hub Motor becomes a compact unit with the electric motor and the braking system of the vehicle. 

Costing of running the E Scooter or E Bike

E Scooters or E bikes are far more economical than two wheelers that run on fossil fuel, such as petrol, diesel or CNG. The modern electric scooters or bikes are so made that the average running cost remains around INR 10 for travelling a distance of 70 kms. This helps the budget of a common man in India immensely because the fuel cost of an e-bike for a whole year is around INR 1800 to INR 2000. The batteries installed in the e-bikes are lead acid batteries. These batteries are all coming with a minimum warranty period of 2 years. So, there is no need to change the batteries at least before 2 years. 

In comparison to two wheelers running on fossil fuel, e- bikes are saving a considerable amount of money for the commuter. The price of petrol, diesel CNG etc are hiking on daily basis. An e-bike can save up to INR 15,000 each year on fuel expenses for the user. 

Any person riding a two-wheeler travels for 40 kms minimum in the city in a day and this costs him between INR 21,000 to INR 25,000 each year depending on the fluctuating cost of fossil fuel. In comparison to this cost, an e-bike costs INR 1,800 to INR 2,000 each year as it can run 70 kms at the expense of INR 10 only. 

This has increased the popularity of e-scooters and e-bikes in India at an amazing speed and the demand of e bikes have soared in the market. Top bike manufacturing companies are now producing e-scooters and e-bikes and they are nice to look at, giving high class performance and are available at an affordable price. 

What is battery cycle? 

Popularity of an e-scooter or an e-bike depends on the battery cycle of the vehicle. Generally, the e-vehicles two wheelers use Lithium Battery pack. But this Lithium battery pack may prove more expensive than the e-bike itself. Lithium-ion batteries are best for e-bikes or e-scooters. These are affordably priced. A generally produced e-bike needs 36v power and it requires battery that delivers power between 42v to 30v. 

The time and distance covered by a fully charged battery coming down to zero is called a battery cycle. Battery cycle is the power time a e-bike vehicle can hold. The better battery cycle in a e-two-wheeler vehicle allows the person to travel a greater distance without recharging the vehicle battery. 

The cycle life of batteries is the number of charges and discharges that a battery can complete before going down to zero and losing power. Li-ion batteries has significant depth of discharge. It has a battery storage capacity that lasts longer than other varieties. 

A two-wheeler battery slowly loses its ability to return to its original capacity, which it had in the beginning. It is an accepted fact that even after full recharge, the batteries cannot retain more than 80% of its original capacity. 

People in Delhi and in India are aware of battery cycle of the brand of e scooter they are purchasing. 

Indian companies those manufacture e-bikes in India: 

Almost all the companies those were and are manufacturing common bicycles, have resorted to manufacturing e-scooters and e-bikes. The top five e-bike manufacturing companies in India are: 

  • Hero Electric-

It is one of the pioneer e- scooter manufacturer company in India. This brand has more than 500 dealership and service centres in India, spread around 25 states. It has sold more than 3 lakh e- scooters till now and this brand is launching more models in time to come. 

  • Ather Energy-

It is the company to launch performance electric scooters in India. This brand provided technologies such as touchscreen instrumentation, reverse assistance, and lights all around with an acceleration time 0 to 60 km/hour. 

  • Okinawa Scooters-

This brand has gained popularity in a remarkably short period of time. This company is launching new models in very near future. 

  • BGauss:

This company manufactures a lifestyle electric scooter. Its scooters have immaculate finish, premium tactile switches, designer headlights, and is very glamorous to look at. 

  • Ampere Electric-

It is one of the leading manufacturers of electric scooters in India. This company produces a range of electric scooters targeting different class of customers. It has electric scooters for buyers with different budget and mind sets. 

Apart from these brands, India has companies manufacturing e-scootere and e-bikes such as, Revolt, Bajaj Chetak, TVS iQube Electric scooter, Pure EV Epluto 7G, and Ola S 1 etc. These are all best-selling brands of e-scooters in India. 

The year 2020 is going to see new brands of electric scooters, such as Suzuki Burgman, Piaggio Beverley, Vespa Primavera, Vespa Electrica, Italjet Dragster, Honda PCX etc. 

However, the future is of e-scooters and e-bikes.

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